Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Galileo Christian Encounters Series by Mitch Stokes

Galileo Christian Encounters Series by Mitch Stokes retells the story of Galileo Galilei an Italian who studied physicist, mathematician, astrologer, and of course philosopher of history.  He played a major role in helping science evolve past the concept of revolutionary into a more advanced time. He was known as the father of observantly astrology and his most known achievements were the improvement of the telescope and the consequences it would have on the planet. He was a Roman Catholic who was good with his faith but had two children out of wedlock; but despite that he was a good astrologer, some may even say one of the best who help to really bring science ahead with all  the latest testing and theories, he was also said to predict the end of the world in the year 2300, with the advanced studies he did. Although that still remains unclear. In his earlier years he wanted to pursue a life in priesthood, but thanks to his father’s insistence he went on to study medical at the University of Pisa; however he did not complete that degree and instead studied mathematics. He was also responsible for the separation of science and church during the Inquisition, which took place in the year 1616 while trying to defend the heliocentric theory. His life was full of adventure and was a very fascinating read-I definitely recommend this book!

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